Sunday, Jul 12 2020,


Assalamu'alaikum, wr. wb.

Praise be to Allah SWT for all His Mercy and Guidance.

We gather today, July 12th 2012, to launch the West Java Province Metropolitan Develoment Management Website. As a part of the celebration, I would like to express and share my view regarding metropolitan development and the importance of metropolitan development management in bringing the economy, prosperity, modernity and sustainability in the region. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce and launch Jabar Metropolitan Newsletter as a media to communicate the current metropolitan issues in West Java Province.

Metropolitan development is unavoidable. It occurs as a result of the growing population and agglomeration in the region. Management of metropolitan development becomes necessary to accommodate the increase of population demand, economic activities, and to anticipate the potential negative impacts occurs as a result of such growths.

Infrastructure development is one of the most significant factors of metropolitan development. It provides not only support for economic development, but also for the life quality of the whole population. Having this consideration, the government of West Java Province has legally stated the necessity to improve the availability and the quality of infrastructure system in the region.

However, some infrastructure issues remains. Infrastructure shortage in terms of quality and quantity becomes a challenge in the current metropolitan development in West Java Province. Take for instance the condition of water and waste management service provision. The existing infrastructure covers only an approximately 35% and 56% of the total service requirement. Different situation can be seen in terms of road service provision. According to the current statistics, the road infrastructure in West Java Province has achieved the target of 92% service level in the whole region.

Spending on infrastructure is considered as one of the largest government expenses beside health and education. Infrastructure development should therefore be done in an effective, efficient and responsible way, aiming at the maximization of society welfare.

Due to the resource limitation, infrastructure provision in West Java Province is arranged through an unbalance growth method, focusing on the development in particular area and economic sector characterized by high multiplier effect. It is therefore expected that the development will spread throughout the region, notably in metropolitan regions and growth centers.

The Government of West Java Province prepares the development of three Metropolitan Regions, namely Bodebek Metropolitan Region, Greater Bandung Metropolitan Region and Cirebon Metropolitan Region; as well as two Growth Centers, namely Palabuhanratu and Pangandaran. The aims of these developments are three folds. First, is to generate concerted massive economic activity, reduce the problem of unemployment and increase the welfare of the society. Second, is to increase the competitiveness of West Java Province in both national and international level. Finally, is to reshape the urban ordering and develop a green as well as sustainable place of living.

In order to achieve those aims, supports from various stakeholders are required. Therefore, I would like to encourage all parties to collaborate, utilizing the best of their knowledge and resources to support metropolitan development in West Java Province.

May Allah SWT bless us.

Billahitaufiq wal hidayah

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.